Cat Grooming

Spa Time For Your Kitty?
Yes, we groom cats!

Posh Paws specialize in cat grooming! Your groomer is Certified Feline Master Groomer and has extensive experience in grooming cats without sedation.

Cats rely on regular professional grooming to keep them clean and free from grease, mats, pelts, dreadlocks, fleas and dirt.

All our Spa Treatments start with a bath, and include nail trimming, ear cleaning, blow drying, face trimming (if necessary), and a sanitary clip (If necessary). With that in mind we do not just bathe your cat. The options listed below complete the groom. If you are unsure of what to chose give us a call and we can steer you in the right direction.

  • Bath & De- shed Treatment (full coat groom)
  • Bath & De-shed and a Comb cut
  • Bath & Lion Cut

Additional Options & Add Ons:

  • Mat Removal
  • Pelt Removal
  • Belly Shave (Add on to Full Coat Groom & Comb Cut only)
  • Soft Paws Front Only
  • Soft Paws Front & Back
  • Toe Tuft Trim
  • Flea Bath (Posh Paws is a flea free facility and we no longer provide this service).  Please contact your vet for flea medication.
  • Fecal Matter Removal


Please keep in mind that many different factors go into the pricing of cat grooming. For instance a cat that has never been groomed or comes in once a year requires much more work than a cat that comes in regularly every four to six weeks At check in, we will have a mini consultation, where I will assess the situation of your cat’s coat condition and recommend the appropriate service. Based on the service that is recommended an estimate will be given. The final price is determined based on the complexity of the groom and the amount of work required to complete the job.


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