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      Greenville, South Carolina, 29601

    • We are a full service grooming salon and upscale spa for cats and dogs.

      We are in this business because we are absolutely passionate about pets. While in our care, your pet is always our number one priority from start to finish. When you arrive for your pet’s appointment, the skin and coat are carefully evaluated; the right shampoo and products are used to provide rejuvenation and or enhance skin condition. Your pet is pampered, massaged and professionally groomed with the utmost love and compassion in a luxurious facility that is safe, serene and pristine.

      We are committed to building a relationship with you. We believe in promoting wellness and high standards for your pet’s continued healthcare. We will discuss your pet’s grooming and coat needs with you and provide you with an exceptional customer service. We are committed to bringing the best of the industry to our pet clients as well as their owners.

    To Shave or Not to Shave

    The summer is notorious for the “summer clip,” but not all breeds of dogs benefit from shorter hair styles. When deciding whether to shave your pet or seek an alternative cooling method consider the following points.

    Coat Type

    Nature has given your pet an amazing bit of technology in their coat design. The coat acts as an insulator in the winter, but also regulates temperature during the summer. Many animals benefit from an undercoat which circulates cool air near the skin and rejects hot sun-rays. Undercoat that is not maintained restricts the flow of cool air, so brushing and cleaning your pet’s fur is even more important in the hot summer months.

    When shaved, some double-coated breeds are incapable of recovering from the damage caused by shaving. Older animals are even less likely to regrow their coat in a way that restores the damage done by shaving.

    Skin Exposure

    Your pet’s coat acts to bounce off sun rays. Trimming your short-haired pet could actually result in overheating because the sun rays are being absorbed as they easily penetrate the short coat. Also, our pets have thinner skin than our own (we have two to three more layers of skin). This makes sun burns easier to obtain and more damaging for our furry family members. Preventing sun damage is the easiest way to prevent our pup or kitty from skin cancer or other skin-related health issues in their future.

    Many double coated breeds are fairly well-protected from insect bites and annoyances due to the thickness of the coat. When shaving, consider how to protect your pet from these disease-carrying nuisances.

    Heat Exposure

    If your dog is outside during the summer and you have noticed an increase in matting, shaving might be the best option for you. With the blockages created by matting, cool air is not able to circulate near the animal’s skin and overheating could occur. If you are certain shaving is the best option for your pet, leave an inch or more of fur to ensure your pet is protected from damaging sun rays.

    Deciding to shave your pet’s coat may have long-term consequences. Speak with your groomer about what is best in your pet’s situation.