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      234 Westfield Street
      Greenville, South Carolina, 29601

    • We are a full service grooming salon and upscale spa for cats and dogs.

      We are in this business because we are absolutely passionate about pets. While in our care, your pet is always our number one priority from start to finish. When you arrive for your pet’s appointment, the skin and coat are carefully evaluated; the right shampoo and products are used to provide rejuvenation and or enhance skin condition. Your pet is pampered, massaged and professionally groomed with the utmost love and compassion in a luxurious facility that is safe, serene and pristine.

      We are committed to building a relationship with you. We believe in promoting wellness and high standards for your pet’s continued healthcare. We will discuss your pet’s grooming and coat needs with you and provide you with an exceptional customer service. We are committed to bringing the best of the industry to our pet clients as well as their owners.


    De-shedding Treatment for Double Coated Breeds

    Often clients request that their double coated dog be shaved for the summer thinking that it will keep them cooler. Although shaving is a common practice in many grooming salons, it is controversial. For one it may ruin the coat and the coat may never grow back to what it used to be. The dog’s skin can easily sun burn because the guard hair that was protecting the skin is not there any more. De-shedding however, is an excellent and safe practice in which the undercoat is removed and the guard hair remains providing insulation to the dog’s skin and protecting it from potential melanoma. Double coated breeds are Poms, Huskies, Samoyeds, Collies, Shelties, Akitas and, of course, some mixed breeds. Look at the undercoat…

    We offer a puppy package! So what’s in it?

    When a puppy comes in for grooming for the very first time at Posh Paws, we introduce her to grooming gradually.  We do this to ensure that her grooming experience is positive and that it is not associated with pain, fear or too much discomfort. When a puppy visits our salon for the first time, we do not groom her immediately.  Instead we offer the owner a puppy package. Our puppy package consists of four sessions spread over eight weeks. Session one:  The puppy comes to the salon and gets a full bath, a blow dry and a brush out.  Many times, I use the High Velocity (HV) dryer on a very low setting to help her acclimate to the drying process.  We may also…

    About the Groomer

    Seta Chorbadjian is the owner and groomer of Posh Paws Grooming & Pet Spa. A few years ago, Seta lived in Toronto, Canada.  She had a little doggie named Ringo, a dachshund/chihuahua mix.  When she decided to get a companion for Ringo, research led her to a dachshund rescue in Birmingham, AL.  A beautiful dachshund named Jenna was driven by volunteers from Alabama to Toronto.  Seta’s passion for her dogs and her fascination with the rescue world led her to volunteer for the Canadian Dachshund Rescue that was just being formed.  In 2000, she joined their board of directors and was their foster coordinator for about three years. Soon after, her career led her to work and live internationally.  Her dogs and cats accompanied her…

    Why Should I groom my cat?

    A groomed cat

    This topic is important to address since many owners believe that cats do not need grooming because they groom themselves. Lets look into this in details. Cats are greasy creatures.  When you run your hands on a cat’s coat that has never been groomed, do you get the urge to want to wash your hands? Well, that’s grease!!  Grease when left on the coat can lead to dander, dandruff, mats and even leave a cat’s coat pelted.  While your cat is licking itself (this process is often confused with a professional grooming process) the saliva from the cat’s mouth is being deposited on the cat’s coat.  The saliva contains an allergin to which a lot of people are allergic to.  Thus comes the saying, “I’m…