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    • 864.271.4377

      234 Westfield Street
      Greenville, South Carolina, 29601

    • We are a full service grooming salon and upscale spa for cats and dogs.

      We are in this business because we are absolutely passionate about pets. While in our care, your pet is always our number one priority from start to finish. When you arrive for your pet’s appointment, the skin and coat are carefully evaluated; the right shampoo and products are used to provide rejuvenation and or enhance skin condition. Your pet is pampered, massaged and professionally groomed with the utmost love and compassion in a luxurious facility that is safe, serene and pristine.

      We are committed to building a relationship with you. We believe in promoting wellness and high standards for your pet’s continued healthcare. We will discuss your pet’s grooming and coat needs with you and provide you with an exceptional customer service. We are committed to bringing the best of the industry to our pet clients as well as their owners.


    Four Reasons Grooming is Not a Haircut

     “It is cheaper to do my hair than my pet’s!” There are a lot of people who shy away from professional grooming because they believe it is extremely expensive. Often owners compare their own haircut cost to the cost of pet grooming, but that is not entirely fair. Your groomer does much more than trim and shampoo the hair on your pet’s head. You Stay Still  After you understand a haircut, you stop squirming and crying in the barber’s chair. Your pet, even if well behaved, does not always behave on the grooming table; they often wiggle, duck away, and sometimes nip or scratch. Your groomer knows how to trim, shave, and handle your pet so they are not harmed during the grooming session and…

    Maintenance Grooming

    After a grooming session, your pet will be soft, tangle-free, and clean. A week later, you will notice your fingers don’t run through his coat as well and the smell has faded. It is about time for you to do some grooming maintenance on your furry family member. Depending on your pet, the amount of at-home grooming required will vary. Yet, the basics are the same: weekly brushing, check their ears, and a quick hygienic check-up. Weekly Brushing Brushing prevents tangles from forming into mats, which can cause skin irritation, could hide fleas, and can be extremely difficult to remove. Doing this weekly allows you to find health problems before they can become serious issues. Brushing reduces the amount of dead fur in the pet’s coat…

    Four Benefits of Grooming for Cats

    Often cat owners see grooming as a “dog owner thing.” Given the hours a day cats spend licking, primping, and otherwise engaged in cleaning themselves, it is a reasonable assumption; however, cats also require routine bathing. The horrors associated with bathing cats have been unfairly earned, yet any cat owner can show a scar or two from trying to get that caked mud from Mr. Kitty’s typically pristine coat. Monthly grooming with an experienced professional not only reduces the stress of bathing sessions but have several other benefits. Reduces Anxiety of Being Handled Grooming is a natural bonding activity which, when properly carried out, can encourage the cat to become more open to relationships with individuals with whom he is not familiar. It is very…

    Grooming Rare Breed Dogs – Lagotto Romagnolo

    The Lagotto Romagnolo is also known as the Italian Water Dog.  This is a rare breed with only hundreds of them in the US.  The Lagottos, however, are quite famous in their country of origin, Italy, where they are used for truffle hunting. The Lagottos are the base breed for Poodles, Portuguese Water Dogs as well as the Golden Retriever.  The Lagotto is a great family dog, they love to swim, love children and love to please their owners.  They require regular exercising.  They are a non-shedding breed, mat up easily and require frequent grooming. Do you own a Lagotto that needs an experienced groomer? Call 864-271-4377.

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