Services for Cats

Yes, we groom cats!

brushingcatWe have exclusive feline grooming days to accommodate our cat clients.

Your groomer is professionally trained and certified to groom cats, without using sedation.

Contrary to what people believe, cats do not groom themselves.  Rather they lick themselves spreading saliva all over their body.

The saliva contains Fel D1 protein which promotes allergy reaction in humans.  The saliva and grease on the body of a cat helps falling hair to stick on a cat’s coat thus forming mats and eventually pelts.

Cats rely on regular professional grooming to keep them clean free from grease, mats, pelts, fleas and dirt.

Do you have a cat that is severely matted, pelted, dirty and in desperate need of grooming?

We have the solution for you and your kitty. We do not just solve the problem but prevent it from happening again in the future.


Kitty before her groom


A groomed cat

We provide the following services:

Basic Feline Spa Packages

Long Hair Full Coat Groom

Includes sanitary clip, bath, blow-dry, nails, ears, face trim.

Short Hair Full Coat Groom

Includes bath, blow-dry, nail trim.  Cat must be short hair, no mats or tangles, no shaving, and under 12 lbs.

Additional Spa Packages:

  • Belly Shave -$10.00
  • De-shed Treatment – $18.00
  • Soft Claws (Nail Caps) – Fronts Only – $18.00
  • Soft Claws (Nail Caps) – Backs Only – $12.00
  • Soft Claws (Nail Caps) – Front/Back – $28.00
  • Toe Tuft Trim – $10.00
  • Comb Cut – $33.00
  • Lion Cut – $20.00
  • Flea  Bath – $10.00 – $15.00

Additional charges apply to mat removal, pelt removal, and fecal matter removal.  These fees are based on the severity  of the problem and the time required to fix it.