Posh Paws in Behind the Counter 2014

This is our second year in business and we are thriving!  To get detailed information on what we offer, click here to read our article in Behind the Counter 2014 Magazine.  You can find us on page 85.

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Come meet the owner of Posh Paws Grooming & Pet Spa.  Take a quick a tour of the facility and get acquainted with the stress free, one-on-one grooming style she offers pets  in Greenville.  The serene, cage free, home like environment would make your pet excited to

De-shedding Treatment for Double Coated Breeds

Often clients request that their double coated dog be shaved for the summer thinking that it will keep them cooler. Although shaving is a common practice in many grooming salons, it is controversial. For one it may ruin the coat and the coat may never grow back

Posh Paws in Behind the Counter 2013

Have you seen the article on Posh Paws in Behind the Counter Magazine? If not, you can find it here.  We are on page 19.  

We offer a puppy package! So what’s in it?

When a puppy comes in for grooming for the very first time at Posh Paws, we introduce her to grooming gradually.  We do this to ensure that her grooming experience is positive and that it is not associated with pain, fear or too much discomfort. When a